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The New Party System in Bulgaria: Featur

This section from Prof. Georgi Karassimeonov’s new book entitled The New Party System in Bulgaria ...


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Маргарет Тачър. Държавническото изкуство. Стратегии за един променящ се свят Margaret Thatcher. Statecraft. Strategies for ...


Cherry-Picking as the Future of the Tran


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Current projects

Teaching Communism of XXth Century in Bulgarian Primary and Secondary Schools

Beneficiary: Reason Institute

Partner: Prosveta Publishing House

Duration: 23.12.2011 – 23.09.2012

Project description:
The goal of the present project is to further develop the achievements and results of the completed projects “The Communist and Nazi Crimes Against Humanity and Bulgarian History Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Schools” and “Controversial Issues and Notions in Teaching Bulgarian and European History of XX Century in Bulgarian Primary and Secondary Schools” thus ensuring their sustainability and providing teachers of history with high quality materials, containing detailed and objective description of the communism era.

The objectives of the present project are as follows:

  • to strengthen and further enlarge the network of school teachers and university researchers  and History Association “Alternatives” established and expanded under the previous project so that it continues to serve as  an  influential factor in the public debates on the period of communism in Bulgaria and its reflection in the history textbooks;
  • to maintain sustainable partnership between the school teachers and university lecturers and researchers in history, to provide continuous possibility for professional discussions on topical and disputable issues;
  • to publish a Dictionary of Communism of  XXth Century edited by Silvio Pons and Robert Service which was  developed by a team consisting the most prominent scholars of the communism in the world.
  • to assist Bulgarian history teachers by providing them with an objective and profound knowledge on the communism of the XXth Century.

Project activities include:

  • discussions with school teachers, university lecturers and other interested parties on the necessity of providing the new generations of young Bulgarians with an objective and impartial document-based view on the communist ideology and practices as well as on the suffering caused by the communist regime in Bulgaria which shall allow the actual studying of the most recent Bulgarian and European history at school;
  • discussions on the key terms and notions used in Bulgarian textbooks in history of XX century, their scope and content, their interpretation in different textbooks for primary and secondary school and their interpretation in A Dictionary of XXth Century;
  • seminars with teachers of history  and university lecturers to discuss the adopted and abridged entry content
  • round-table to present the published material;
  • maintenance of the website of  History Association “Alternatives” and posting all relevant information.

This project is funded by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.