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Съдържание брой 2 2003

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ГОСТ Интервю със Збигнев Бжежински ГЛОБАЛНА СИГУРНОСТ Велизар Шаламанов Сигурност, сила, солидарност, способности ...


Краят на парадигмата на прехода

През последната четвърт на XX век тенденциите в седем различни географски региона се сляха в ...


The Road To Democracy: The Japanese Mira

The paper is an attempt at reconsidering the US role in the modern world following ...

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Bulgaria And The Bulgarians As Seen By American Missionaries (1857-1888)

This study presents a portrayal of Bulgaria and the Bulgarians by American missionaries as contained in their correspondence published in the Missionary Herald , a monthly periodical of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, covering the period 1857 to 1888. The correspondence provides an extensive coverage of the historic events taking place in Bulgaria , the missionaries' religious and political engagement in Bulgarian life, as well as their observations and perceptions of their particular role in the formation of the Bulgarian state. The author emphasises the common goals and shared values between the American missionaries and the Bulgarians that emerge from the published letters and reports.